Paper Birch Tree Seeds

Paper Birch Tree Seeds

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Betula papyrifera

The attractive chalky-white peels in layers, complemented by bright green leaves, makes Paper Birch one of Canada's most distinctive and beautiful trees.

Found from Newfoundland to British Columbia, extending northwards to the Yukon and south to the American Rockies, Paper Birch is a true transcontinental tree.

Growing to heights of approximately 21 meters (70 feet) and diameters of 45 centimeters (18 inches), Paper Birch is a fast-growing tree which normally lives about 140 years. Paper Birch, also known as Canoe Birch is famous for its historical use by aboriginal people in the construction of canoes. Aboriginal people also utilized birch for boxes, baskets, cups, shoes and tea. The thin, curled outer bark is highly flammable and makes an excellent fire starter, even when moist. The bark of living trees should not be peeled, as peeling will permanently scar the tree. Birds eat birch seeds and buds, while moose and deer eat the twigs.

Detailed germination instructions are inside the package.