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Prairie Coneflower Wildflower Seeds


Ratibida columnifera

Prairie Coneflower is one of the easiest native wildflowers to propagate from seed. Coneflower can grow from 30-80cm (1-3ft) tall. Also known as Mexican hat, this perennial herb begins to flower in late spring and continues until fall. The drooping ray flowers can be entirely yellow, or the head of the flower can be yellow with a red base, hence the name Mexican hat. The flowers are borne on leafless stems. The feathery, deeply cleft leaves grow on alternate stems. It is common in dry prairie from Canada to Mexico.

Prairie Coneflower is quite drought tolerant, and grows well in dry meadows and well-drained gardens with full sun. It makes an excellent garden meadow flower, as it is rich in nectar for butterflies, requires little watering, and self seeds.

Detailed germination instructions are inside the package.