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Nature's Garden Seed Company

Gift your loved ones a beautiful, sustainable garden right from scratch.

Welcome to Nature's Garden Seed Company


Nothing is more precious than an everlasting gift of nature. Nature’s Garden Seed Company is proud to offer a distinctive line of high quality products inspired by nature that will allow you to give, or enjoy for yourself, the everlasting gift of nature - of flowers, butterflies, hummingbirds and bumblebees, year after year.

At Nature’s Garden Seed Company, we care about our customers and our environment. Our products are unconditionally guaranteed and produced in the most ecologically sensitive manner possible.

Why Native Plants Are Important

Native plants are a fundamental component of biological diversity. Their flowers, fruits and foliage are an important source of food and shelter for a wide variety of wildlife from microorganisms to insects, birds and mammals.

Native plants are extremely hardy, having adapted over time to local climatic extremes. They are also much more resistant to disease and pests than introduced plants.

Growing Your Own Native Plants

Propagating native plants is a very rewarding experience. In the past, it was common for people to dig up native plants and bulbs in the wild to plant in their gardens. This practice not only disrupts natural areas, but has also caused some species to become nearly extinct. To enjoy native plants in your own garden, grow them from seed or buy them from a reputable nursery. When planted in suitable habitats, native plants will last for many years with minimum care.

Planning When to Plant Seeds

Timing is crucial for seed germination. Follow specific planting schedules for each seed type, considering frost dates and growing seasons.
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Know Your Garden Zone

Understanding your garden zone helps you choose plants that thrive in your climate. Check the USDA or Canadian Plant Hardiness Zone Map for guidance.
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Ensure Best Success for Seed Growth

Provide seeds with the right conditions: well-draining soil, adequate sunlight, and consistent watering. Use mulch to retain moisture and protect young plants.
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