Eastern White Pine Tree Seeds

Eastern White Pine Tree Seeds

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Pinus strobus

Eastern White Pine is the largest conifer found in northeastern North America, growing up to 45 metres (150 feet) in height and 1 metre (3 feet) in diameter. It is also one of the most valuable trees in eastern North America, being used for virtually every kind of construction and carpentry, from railway ties to furniture.

By the 1800's, most virgin stands of Eastern White Pine had already been logged. The timber was used primarily for constructing the great sailing vessels of that time. The British Navy especially favoured the Eastern White Pine to use for their ships' masts.

The Iroquois people revered the Eastern White Pine and used the bark to prepare their medicines. This tree grows best in sandy, well-drained soils, and lives for about 200 years.

The eastern white pine is a fast-growing, attractive tree with soft blue-green needles. As a result, it is a popular ornamental and is also used extensively as a Christmas tree.

The seeds of eastern white pine are an important food source for birds and small mammals.

Detailed germination instructions are inside the package.