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Large-leaved Lupine Wildflower Seeds


Lupinus polyphyllus

Large-leaved Lupine is a tall perennial herb with stately spikes of rich blue-violet flowers. The long stiff stems, tightly packed with flowers can reach heights of up to 1.5 m (4 ft). This is the Lupine that many of today's popular garden hybrids were developed from. Flowering begins in mid-spring and can last until mid-summer. Large-leaved Lupine is found in grassy meadows, stream sides, and seepage sites at low elevations throughout western North America, from Alaska to California.

In a garden setting, Lupines grow best in sun to partial shade, in slightly to moderately acidic soils. Large-leaved Lupine prefers moist but not saturated soils, and cool summers. When in full bloom, Large-leaved Lupine dominates most other flowers, and creates a spectacular show of blue-violet colour.

Detailed germination instructions are inside the package.