New England Aster Wildflower Seeds

New England Aster Wildflower Seeds

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Aster novae-angliae

New England aster, with its daisy-like, deep violet to rosy pink flowers, is one of the most striking native asters. It blooms proficiently from August until first frost, and grows 60 cm-1.3 m (24-54 in) tall. This aster is much loved by butterflies in the late falls, as most other sources of nectar have passed by then.

New England aster can be found in meadows, moist thickets, and along roadsides from central Canada to the southern U.S. It prefers full sun, average moisture, and is especially striking when planted with Canada goldenrod.

The smoke of burning New England aster was used by some aboriginal peoples to revive those suffering from convulsions or fainting.

Detailed germination instructions are inside the package.