Ocean Spray Wildflower Seeds

Ocean Spray Wildflower Seeds

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Holodiscus discolor

Ocean Spray is a beautiful deciduous shrub which, in the spring, is covered in a mass of large, creamy flowered plumes 10-17 cm (4-7 in) long that give off a heavy-sweet fragrance. It can reach up to 5m (16ft) tall and has many stems with triangular, toothed leaves ranging from 3-6cm (1-3in) in length.

Ocean Spray is found in dry open forests and clearings. It often reclaims disturbed sites such as road banks and clearcuts. Ocean Spray's native range is extensive - it is found in coastal rain forests and interior woodlands from British Columbia to southern California.

Ocean Spray is also known as ''ironwood'' or ''arrow-wood'' because its wood is extremely hard and strong. Before nails, ocean spray pegs were used in construction. Aboriginal people used it to make arrow shafts, bows, harpoons, spears, and digging sticks. They also used the fruiting bodies to make a tonic for treating diarrhea, chicken pox, and measles.

Detailed germination instructions are inside the package.