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Paintbrush Wildflower Seeds


Castilleja spp.

Paintbrush is a perennial herb which grows from 20-80cm (8in-3ft) tall. The showy terminal leaves are generally a range of bright hues from red, purple, to yellow. Paintbrush blooms throughout most of the summer. It is found in open meadows and forest openings on dry, well-drained sites. Here are many varieties of Paintbrush throughout western North America. All Paintbrush are partial parasites on other herbs. They obtain nourishment from the roots of other plants. This association does not injure the host plants, but is vital for the survival of the Paintbrush.

Growing Paintbrush in the garden is a process which requires planning and a little luck. In order for the seeds of Paintbrush to survive, it must germinate in the proximity of other plant roots. Broadcasting a variety of Paintbrush seeds throughout the garden in the fall along rock borders and garden edges is the most successful method.

Detailed germination instructions are inside the package.