Red Columbine Wildflower Seeds

Red Columbine Wildflower Seeds

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Aquilegia formosa

Red Columbine is an elegant perennial herb with nodding red flowers and spurs.

The name Columbine refers to a "dove" as the arched flower petals and spurs resemble five perched doves arranged in a ring. Red Columbine grows up to 1m (3ft) tall, and the flowers bloom from May to August.

It is found in a variety of moist, partly shaded to sunny sites, including meadows, rocky slopes, and clearings. Red Columbine is common in lowlands to alpine meadows from the west coast to the Rocky Mountains.

Hummingbirds and long-tongued butterflies thrive on the nectar of Columbine. Aboriginal people had a variety of uses for it. The roots were scraped and its milky pulp was rubbed on sores. The juice from chewed leaves were also put on sores. Columbine was used in other medicinal preparations for diarrhea, dizziness, and aching joints. The Haida people used to call it red-rain flowers, it was believed that if they picked the blossoms it would rain.

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