Wild Columbine Wildflower Seeds

Wild Columbine Wildflower Seeds

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Aquilegia canadensis

Wild Columbine is a delicate perennial herb with drooping, bell-like, scarlet red flowers.

Also known as Rock Bells, the erect branching stems can reach heights of 30-60cm (1-2ft). The delicate compound leaves have small rounded and lobed leaflets. At the summit of the branches, the nodding flowers are borne. Wild Columbine blooms from April to July. It is found in rich moist woods, often in wet shady outcrops. Wild Columbine is common from southern Canada to Tennessee.

Aboriginal people had a variety of uses for this plant. Minute amounts of the seeds were crushed and used for headaches, as a love charm, and to reduce fevers. The roots were chewed or made into tea to treat diarrhea and stomach troubles.

Detailed germination instructions are inside the package.